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Mission : To build a nationwide company that modernizes the investment property renovation ecosystem, creating financial wealth for everyone involved.

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Investment property renovation spending has been on a long steady rise, so it's not too surprising that real estate investors are on track to spend more than ever this year, and the surge in contractor demand is striking. We take pride in utilizing our expertise in developing a product that ultimately connects the right independent contractors with the right real estate investors, helping each to increase their profit margins. We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all renovation strategy that connects investors with contractors, but Renozee™ is pioneering the way forward.

We are the first and only mobile renovation bidding app in the nation to offer a dedicated marketplace for connecting real estate investors with independent contractors.

It's free to post and bid on projects for all users. All bids are live and open which allows contractors to resubmit a more competitive bid. Each bid provided to the real estate investor contains specific data such as are materials included, days of the week to work the job, hours of the day the job will be performed, years of contractor experience working with the investment property type. Additionally, payments can be released to the contractor once the real estate investor confirms that certain agreed-upon work milestones have been achieved. The mobile app is available for both android and IOS and is offered as free to download.


Our Story

The evolution of transforming the investment property renovation bidding system

In 2019, the company Cisol’s Place LLC was created and set out to accomplish developing a product that would make it easier for property owners to obtain multiple bids from local contractors, resulting in successful home repairs and renovations. During the time of the company opening, obtaining bids from contractors was a very difficult and tedious process for both property owners and contractors.

The national leading platforms didn’t provide much support around bid pricing and had limited capabilities of how bids were obtained and distributed which led to many consumer complaints, inaccurate bids, and less than stellar home repair and renovation results.

In 2020, through major innovation and extensive research using real property renovations, Cisol’s Place LLC had created a product that would revolutionize the real estate investment property renovation industry. This product would be called “Renozee” pronounced re-no-zee which stands for “renovate easy”.

Renozee™ enables real estate investors to receive unlimited live bids on renovation projects and enables independent and general contractors to only pay a fee upon winning the job and receiving payment from the customer. A win-win for all involved. The product is available in both IOS and Android, free to download, and currently available for use in the greater Cincinnati area.

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Meet the leadership team

There’s a consistent set of factors that lead to a startup’s success. Having an awesome team is one of the leading factors leading to a successful journey.

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Born and bred in the great state of Ohio, a Cincinnati native, Cisol shares a real estate investor hustler mentality much like the city he grew up in. When he’s not out working to renovate his next real estate deal, he enjoys spending time away with his family outdoors. As CEO, he has earned the respect of his peers not just for his strategic personality, but for his authenticity, integrity, and drive as a business leader. In a few short years, his portfolio includes founding two real estate investment companies, Sarasota Ventures LLC, SSZ Properties LLC, and co-founder of the SAAS company Vanda.

Cisol Hogan

Co-Founder & CEO
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Vimal has built businesses from scratch and has led companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises with their technical initiatives. Fascinated by technological innovation, big ideas that change people's lives for the better, building solutions and taking them to market, most of all Vimal is passionate and influenced heavily by his family. He lives with his wife and son, and in his spare time enjoys traveling and photography.

Vimal Patel

Co-Founder & CTO
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Leading the firm's marketing efforts, running community events, he is passionate about bringing people together and building authentic relationships; something that is reflected in all facets of his work. Lamar is an established executive and has been a strategic advisor, and founder and co-founder of multiple companies. When he’s not spending his time focusing on achieving Renozee™’s full potential by rapidly growing its user base and business, he enjoys educating others and offering guidance to anyone in the startup ecosystem.

Lamar Harris

Co-Founder & CMO

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